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In november 2008, 80 sailing cruisers, between 12 and 20 meters long, will sail from Marseilles and Southern Italy. The Great Cruise will feature a 9.000 miles three month trip to Crete and the Suez Canal, along the Red Sea shores, Arabia and India, to the Maldives lagoon reefs.

A direct return to Aden will then be organised. From Aden, the boats will either embark a freighter or be sailed to Marseilles.

  However, for those who can dispose of two more months, a  4000 miles Indian Ocean tour will include the Seychelles, the north coast of Madagascar, the Comores archipelago and Zanzibar, then on course to Aden, off the unwelcoming Somalian shores.

Never such an important fleet will have accomplished such a great rallye, sailing into sites of an outstanding beauty and great diversity : arid shores, red deserts, green bays and great sand banks in the coralian atolls.

No fear of technical breakdowns or navigation errors : an 80 ft mother ship catamaran will at all times follow the fleet. On board, experienced skippers, technicians and doctors. In addition, a French Navy ship will escort the yachts in the unsecure Yemen and Somalian waters.

This well organised Great Cruise will also be an excellent Management training session within the Ocean Academy.

A long distance cruising yacht is an excellent training vehicle to teach Management responsibilities, quick decision making and behaviour in bad weather.

Such a rallye, gathering more than 500 people, will be able to highlight Management and organizational talents in a difficult logistics environment.

The most famous European Management Schools will be partners of the Great Cruise.

Students will be sent on board 40 sailing cruisers for a two or three week period in order to develop the practical side of the theories they have learnt in school.

Coaches will debrief every day and analyse the students behaviours.
A very profitable partnership :

The innovation is that the Great Cruise will gather a fleet of more than 80 sailboats between 12 and 20 meters long, about half of them flying the flags of as many corporations, large or small, commited  with  a true partnership link rather than a classic sponsorship contract.

The sailboat owner or the skipper, by becoming a non profit partner with a corporation, will venture in an exceptional  cruise for a modest budget, while the partner corporation will cover most navigation expenses such as fuel, technical and medical assistance, repairs, insurance, harbour taxes and even the return freight costs.

As a counterpart, the sailing cruiser will be a platform for practicing the Management theories learnt in School.

If so desirable, corporations will be able to finance a boat with a professional skipper.
The Ocean Academy for company Management training :

The Rallye can be easily divided into two week stages, between International Airports, easily accessible in a few hours from Europe.

The students, after completing their Company Management courses, will be able to put them into practice by crewing offshore sailing cruisers. A tough school, getting familiar with crew management, rough weather handling or long night watches fatigue.

An 80 boat Rallye, with 500 participants for a period of 5 months, is certainly an exceptional training ground for a Corporation organization.

After managing a boat, the students will take the responsibility of a fleet of 8 to 10 boats and then about 40 boats. The most talented will manage the whole fleet during one stage.

  Students will also manage their fellows in organizational tasks such as passports, car renting, plane tickets, provisioning, coping with unknown languages, unfamiliar local correspondants

This Ocean Academy within the Great Cruise is without any doubt , a great initiative in order to develop the practical side of corporation management theories.
A dream cruise in the open ocean

A wide place will also be spared for tourism.

After the Suez Canal passage, the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, the colorful harbours of Arabia, the fleet will sail along the flourishing shores of India, will call at the ancient godowns of Goa and Cochin, and reach the isolated atolls of the Laquedives, the sandy beaches of Sri Lanka and the huge Maldives lagoon-reefs, a divers' paradise.

Some boats will then sail directly back to Aden, the rest of the fleet will discover the exotic bird paradise of the Seychelles, the beautyful bays of the north coast of Madagascar, the gigantic Mayotte atoll in the Comores archipelago, then Tanzania and visit the ancient arab godowns of Zanzibar and the Kenya marine reservations, north of Monbassa.

Aden will then be reached, staying way offshore the desert Somalian coasts.
An exceptional meeting opportunity :

All ocean cruiser owners disposing of leisure time or sabbatical year, and joining this great rallye will be living for several months at sea and in the harbours within a group of fellow navigators. No wonder that a lot of friendships will spring up.

Each stop-over will be the opportunity of unexpected discoveries, meetings or fruitful exchanges. Pleasant receptions will also be organised by the welcoming countries.

The skilled managers, on the evening calls, will share their experience with the Students.
Powerful logistics for a quiet navigation :

The Great Cruise for Companies is not a race but a rallye where all boats tend to cruise at the same speed, staying in contact whenever possible, and joining  to the next port of call.

The boats will be grouped in 3 categories, depending upon their average speed : 6 , 8 and 9 knots.

A large 80ft ocean catamaran, the "mother ship" will carry fuel and water reserves, repair material and a professional crew including a doctor and  mechanics. The" mother ship" will always be in contact with the boats via VHF and will secure fast liaisons with her RIB tender.

In the evening, at the port of call, the catamaran vast platform will be a meeting and information point for the crews.

In case of heavy weather, the fleet will progress slowly in order to spare the strengths of the crews and their boats.

Each skipper will have the responsibility of his yacht, however,  he will be rid of most technical worries and be able to enjoy his ocean cruise, in an unforgetable environment.
Guaranteed security :

A few coastal areas are sometimes visited by ill-disposed local navigators. In those risky areas, the fleet will be escorted by a French or Foreign Navy ship that will guarantee its safety.

In the marinas, the docks will be watched night and day for  total security.

>From a medical point of view, a doctor will be on duty during the whole cruise. In case of emergency, he will call a Europe-Assistance medical team and organise an ambulance plane if necessary.

As it can be seen on the charts, a lot of international airports are located nearby the ports of call.
In the wake of the 17th century navigators :

As from the 15th century, French navigators within the East India Company used to sail across the Indian Ocean  to bring back rich fabrics, tea and spices. Calling at  famous ports like Aden, Mascate, Nosy Bé or Zanzibar, those daring sailors of fortune will revive in the wake of the Great Cruise .
Favorable weather conditions :

The timing of the Great Cruise, between december and april, has been carefully studied to allow favorable weather conditions all along the sailing course. There is no risk to suffer a tropical hurricane. According to the Indian Ocean Pilot Charts, the winds will be mostly favorable, except in the southern portion of the Red Sea and along the coasts of Yemen and Oman.

Thanks to the Internet communication power on the" mother ship" and on the yachts, weather forecasts will be available several times a day. Contacts will also be kept with the families.
Return from Aden to Marseille :

A return by a dedicated cargo- freighter to Marseilles before the end of june, will spare time and worries.The boats will therefore be unmasted and loaded  by professionals, while crews will fly and retrieve their yachts in Marseilles.

For those who want to enjoy the summer season, a fleet will cruise up the Red Sea and cross the Mediterranean sea up to Marseilles.

All yachts will gather in Marseilles for a great final parade.